premiere: April 7-10, 2016; ODC Theater, San Francisco
length: 67 minutes

Featuring a cast of five dancers and a band of four musicians playing live, All Roads Are Lined With Teeth is part dance and part play, a surreal story about a woman who flees a crumbling world for a journey on which she encounters memories transformed into teeth, slow motion long distance runners, and houses built from benches.

"Authentic, diverse movement (by five skilled, and speaking, dancers), provocative staging (benches are cleverly employed), poetic and vivid wordplay (a mesmerizing scene has a dentistry lesson, of sorts), and a haunting score (played by an excellent four­ piece band) comprise a satisfying, sometimes thrilling, wholly original package." - Leslie Katz, San Francisco Examiner

Performance photography by Benjamin Hersh.


Direction & Choreography: Megan Kurashige & Shannon Kurashige

Original text: Amber Hsu

Original score: Aram Shelton

Dancers: Sonja Dale, Megan Kurashige, Shannon Kurashige, Chelsea Reichert, Jane Selna

Musicians: Jordan Glenn (drums & percussion), Teddy Rankin-Parker (cello), Aram Shelton (saxophones), Cory Wright (saxophones, clarinets, flute)

Lighting: Allen Wilner

Costumes: Emily Kurashige

Props: Jason Kurashige

For their invaluble support of the creation of All Roads Are Lined With Teeth, we gratefully thank the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, ODC Theater and the Rainin Opportunity Fund, and generous individual donors.