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All Roads Are Lined With Teeth - April 7-10 at ODC Theater

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Photo credit: Shannon Kurashige
Pictured: Sonja Dale and Jane Selna
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"Sharp & Fine’s new evening-length version of Peter and the Wolf is a delight - full of surprise moments, revelatory structural components and a rare choreographic vocabulary." --Heather Desaulniers, CriticalDance, October 2014

"A primal, animalistic sensibility to A Thousand Natural Shocks gives the work a dangerous, edgy and off-kilter tilt. Bodies lunge, thrust, tumble and tangle like bucks ramming antlers. The costumes — Baroque silk jackets with militaristic chevrons — bring to mind fencing and deathly duels. Yet amid the violent athleticism, the generous, intelligent dancers manage to give each tiny quiver and shiver its own sublime moment." --Lauren Gallagher, San Francisco Examiner, July 2012

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