Sharp & Fine is making all roads are lined with teeth, a collaboration with london-based playwright amber hsu and oakland-based composer aram shelton. premiere: april 7-10, ODC theater, san francisco.

help us pay our incredible dancers and musicians. we are so lucky to be working with these extraordinarily talented, large-hearted, brilliant folks. 

We've been working on All Roads Are Lined With Teeth since October 2015. Our collaborators have helped us go from a vague desire to play with words to a strange and surreal beast of a piece, part-dance and part-play, about a woman in a crumbling world where she encounters memories transformed into teeth, slow-motion long distance runners, a cruel Dental Authority, and the strangest, most heartbreaking kisses. 

All Roads Are Lined With Teeth has original text by the extraordinary Amber Hsu, a London-based writer/visual artist/filmmaker/small press publisher, and an original score by the also extraordinary Aram Shelton, an Oakland-based composer and improviser.


The artists we work with are amazing and expert in their fields. They help us explore our craziest ideas and teach us how to make work and new reasons for loving art. We are committed to giving them the respect and appreciation of paying them.

Our magnificent dancers--Sonja DaleChelsea Reichert, and Jane Selna--inspire us to dare to be ridiculous, maudlin, extreme. They accompany us to the most absurd of places where we discover possibilities and ideas that we love, but would never have found without them. 

We are terrifically lucky to have Aram leading a fantastic ensemble of musicians: Jordan Glenn (percussion), Teddy Rankin-Parker (cello), and Cory Wright (clarinet, saxophone, flute). These guys are some of the most delightful and masterful musicians in the Bay Area and we are thrilled to have them making our musical world.

Your contributions will help us pay these extraordinary working artists. They will also help defray the (mind boggling) costs of producing a live show in a theater. 

Contributions of any size are ENORMOUSLY APPRECIATED. All contributions are tax deductible.

GOAL: $10,000

RAISED: $5,100


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All contributions are tax deductible.

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